Black Cumin: A Sacred Seed That Can Cure Almost Everything


Black cumin is originally from Syria but today it is cultivated in almost every country in the world because of its great adaptive power. This seed considered a seed blessed in antiquity for its healing powers, also receives other names such as onion seeds, black sesame or Roman cilantro.

Since ancient times, black cumin has been used to cure many diseases and we even know that black cumin oil was found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, as well as the record that Cleopatra herself used black cumin using her properties for the Health and beauty.

And it is not surprising that in ancient times there was a knowledge of the positive health effects of black cumin even though its composition was not exactly known. It is useful for eliminating toxins, regulating metabolism, balancing insulin levels, lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation, benefiting in removing toxins from the liver and even studying its benefits in relation to cancer.

It contains a large amount of fatty acids mostly concentrated in Omega 3 and Omega 6. It highlights its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also adds proteins, carbohydrates and essential oils like linoleic acid, oleic acid and other minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin, zinc, selenium and vitamins A, E, B2 and vitamin C.

Black cumin contains an antioxidant and bronchodilator effect. Helps eliminate uric acid and is also an important antiviral, antimycotic, antimicrobial; As well as add benefits as antiparasitic and antibacterial.

Black Cumin Habbat-el-barakah

This was the name given by the Arabs to the black cumin and means “sacred seed.” They attributed to them as well as to other peoples who also used their beneficial healing powers and their almost magical properties. We do not know if we can affirm such a myth, but we can assure that black cumin has important properties to treat health problems such as we will tell you below.

– Antibiotic effect: Black cumin is useful for disinfecting wounds.

– For women: Relieves the pains of menstruation and increases milk production. Pregnant women also benefit from black cumin because it is positive for the fetus and to facilitate delivery.

– Digestive system: It facilitates digestion and has diuretic action. Eliminates gas, colic, inflammation, heartburn and helps to purify the intestines.

– Liver: It favors the bile secretion and helps to fight liver diseases.

– Skin: Its cleansing effects have a positive effect on the skin reducing the marks of acne and eliminating pimples. It also helps resolve skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and fungi.

– Improves vision: Its high concentrations of vitamin A affect a better vision by strengthening the retinas of the eyes.

– Pain: Its analgesic effects can relieve headaches, earaches, backaches and other chronic pains such as joint pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism. It also helps in occasional pains due to bruises, bumps and sprains. It is ideal for oral hygiene benefiting teeth and gums.

– To lift the spirits: If you feel sluggish and despaired nothing better than black comino to lift the mood and eliminate anguish, feeling of weakness and appease the nerves.

– For the heart: It improves the health of the heart reducing blood pressure and favoring the processes in the cardiac treatments.

– Diabetes: It has a positive effect on patients with diabetes as it helps lower blood sugar.

– Cancer: According to research published by the Drug Discovery Today, it was determined that black cumin possesses a substance called Timoquinone that has anti-carcinogenic effects under study that were carried out on animals. Its benefits reach in particular cancer of kidney, liver, prostate, cervix, colon; Skin cancer and leukemia.

More benefits:

We have seen that the extent of the curative powers of black cumin is enormous, but to that we can add something else, because we can also use it to:

– Allergies

– Asthma

– Sinusitis

– Pneumonia

– Fatigue and chronic fatigue

– Reduce adverse effects of chemotherapy

How is it consumed?

The Chinese value black cumin seeds because they say they have beneficial effects to prevent premature aging. Being rich in B vitamins and iron, they strengthen memory, hearing and even are able to delay the appearance of gray hairs.

You can buy the black cumin oil that is in supplement form or you can simply add the seeds in your usual meals. It tastes slightly bitter and many say it tastes like a mixture of oregano with nutmeg and thyme. An ideal combination for any salad or meat.

You can also add them to stews, fried foods, baked meat or prepare a dressing with lemon, cilantro and sesame seeds. The Chinese include them in tea or coffee! You can even prepare an infusion with hot water and 10 g of cumin seeds equivalent to about a tablespoon.

But if today your problem is cough, we recommend preparing a mixture of ground black cumin seeds, chopped garlic and honey that will clear your airways and soften the cough, while strengthening your immune system.

Black cumin oil is used to treat psoriasis and eczema and even to moisturize and soften the skin.

He told the Prophet Muhammad that black cumin seeds “could heal any disease but death.” Why not try them?

Qargha we Sahil!

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Quyash heywetlik nurini etrapqa chéchip, köp-kök asmanda herqandaq chaghdikidinmu bekraq parlap turatti.
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Rabbimning eng aq, eng qara, eng qizil we eng kök söyümlük bir esiri heywetlik tagh baghidiki déngiz kenarida quyash nurigha bolishigha chömüliwatatti.
Eptidin esheddiy zeherxendilikligi chiqip turidighan Ikki sériq here qeyerdindur chiqip kéldi, uning ikki mürisige xatirjemlik bilen qondi!
Tengrining iradisidin apiride bolghan Eser:
-Jéninglargha ichinglar aghrimisa chéqinglar,-dédi temkinlik bilen.
Heriler nime qilishini bilmey bir haza turup qaldi, axirida nimishqidur kelgen terepke qarap uchup ketishti.
Hayal ötmey eptidin esheddiy paskinichiliqi chiqip turidighan Ikki neper renglik chiwin qanatlirini titiritip uchqiniche özirisizla peyda bolup qélishti, meslihetleshkendekla rabbimning eziz esirining ikki paqalchiqigha ach közlük bilen qondi! Tengrining iradisidin apiride bolghan Eser:
-Hey tüzütsizler, xata yerge qondunglar! Uchup kétinglar! Men silerning güzellikinglargha qarap pachaqlirimmgha ikki neper rengdar kipinek qondi, deydighanlardin emes…!-dédi…
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Renglik chiwinlerning ölükliri …Qapqara bulutlarning sayisida töwen terepke qarap éqip chüshiwatatti, bayamqi güzellikidin hichqandaq eser qalmighanidi…
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Rabbimning büyük Esiri sözini dawam qildi:
– Hey yüriki özidek qara qarghilar, hey rezillik ashiqi chiwinler, hey zeherlik örmüchkler, hey ichitar chayanlar silerning halinglargha way! Siler rabbimning eng eziz keshpiyatidin xebersiz yashap ölüp kétisiler!
Rabbimning büyük esiri yene nida qilip:
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Achchiqtin késilgen qutsal bürkütlerning qarliq choqilardin kéliwatqan hushqurtush we qichiqiriqliri, ilahiy jenglerde shehit bolghan qanatliq atlarning sürlük kishneshliri, tagh qaptalliri hemde édirlardiki altunreng yilanlarning qushqurtushliri qarangghu bulutlarning qoynini yorutup ötüp, qum sahilini we ulugh okyanning sulirini yene quchaqlidi…(K.Atahan)


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