China’s Repugnant Campaign to Destroy a Minority People

Police officers patrol in China’s Xinjiang province in February. (Kyodo News via Getty Images)
 May 20 at 7:22 PM

CHINA IS undertaking a repugnant campaign to destroy the identity of a minority people, the Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang province in the far northwest. The Chinese government has in recent years blamed violent attacks in the region on Islamist extremists and has targeted Uighurs and others for pressure and persecution. But evidence is emerging of a systematic cultural cleansing drive, including the construction of hidden concentration camps. All who believe in the principle of “never again” after the horror of the Nazi extermination camps and Stalin’s gulag must speak up against China’s grotesque use of brainwashing, prisons and torture.

Writing for the Jamestown Foundation, Adrian Zenz, a leading expert on the Chinese ethnic policy in Xinjiang and Tibet, says the new pacification measures are “the country’s most intense campaign of coercive social reengineering since the end of the Cultural Revolution,” the decade-long chaos brought on by Mao in which millions were persecuted and 1 million or more killed. According to Mr. Zenz, the archipelago of “reeducation” camps may now contain or have contained between several hundred thousand and just over 1 million people. There are 21 million people, including 11 million Muslims, in Xinjiang.

Mr. Zenz’s research suggests that China began building the system last year as part of a broader attempt to coerce the Uighur population, as well as ethnic Kazakhs there, to forsake their cultural identity and religion, and to pay homage to the ruling Communist Party. In a series of recent interviews with Simon Denyer of The Post and with the Associated Press, former prisoners in the camps describe mind-numbing drills in which they are forced to denounce their Uighur culture as backward, to repudiate their Muslim beliefs, and to apologize for wearing long clothes, praying, teaching the Koran to their children or asking imams to name their children.

Inmates in the camps also are coerced into singing songs and repeating slogans hailing the party while condemning the “three evil forces” of separatism, extremism and terrorism. Although the camps appear to be primarily directed at reeducation, violence is never far behind, and former inmates recall being subject to physical torture, or threatened with it, if they did not cooperate. Overall, Mr. Zenz said, it is possible that the system exceeds the size of China’s entire former “education through labor” system, which was officially abolished in 2013.

Nor is this the only sign of China’s intentions. The entire region is being turned into a 21st-century surveillancestate, in which Uighurs and others are subject to ubiquitous and pervasive monitoring, including the use of sophisticated facial-recognition technology. Muslims are forced to install spyware on their phones, allowing the authorities to monitor their online activity. Just as intrusive, Chinese officials have been dispatched in huge numbers to spend days in the homes of Muslim families, keeping careful track of their activities and carrying out indoctrination, Human Rights Watch has reported.

Not just Muslim leaders but supporters of human rights everywhere ought to be outraged at China’s attempted extermination of an indigenous people’s culture and religion.

Chiriqini Öchürme Ejdatlarning Uyghurum!



Autori: Korash Atahan


Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti,
Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti, Pütmestin Qehrimanliq Dastani,
Ketti, Ketti, Xazan Boldi Hür Milletning Bostani!
Ketti, Ketti, Shirin Chüshlerning Payani Ketti,
Zaman Ketti, Talay Talay Pursetler Ketti, Ejdatlar Ketti!
Ketkenler Ketti, Biz Uyghurgha Emdi Bekla Yalghuzluq Yetti.
Ketkenlerning Hemmisi Nihayet Ketti,
Ketkenler Hem Ne Qismetki Kelmeske Ketti.
Ketkenler Ketti,
Ketkenler Parlaq Tarixini Qéni Bilen Yézip Ketti.
Ketkenler Ghayisini Ewlatlargha Miras Bilip Qoyup Ketti.
Ejdatlar Armanlarning Kitablirini Yazalmay Ketti,
Bu Wapasiz Dunyada Zalimlar Béshimizda At Chapti.
Ejdatlar Qan Bilen Shanliq Tarixni Yézip Ketti,
Biz Gheplet Uyqusida Shrin Chüsh Körduq,
Yatlar Ilimde, Pende, Hüner, Sennette-
Bolupmu Siyasette Bizni Tashlap Bek Uzaqlap Ketti!

Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti,
Ketti, Ketkenler Nihayet Ketti,
Tetür Qismetlerning zalimliqidin,
Ahu-Zarimiz Qara Borandek Köklerge Yetti!
Közlerdin Yash Emes Deryalar Aqti,
Tillardin Söz Emes Nale-Peryatlar Chaqmaqtek Chaqti…
Zamanning Jewri-Japasi Neshter Urdi, zeheri Hem Yürekke Yetti.
Shum Pelekning Destidin,
Milletim Ejepmu Köp Ich- Ichige Tinipla Ketti!
Zaman Ketti, Pursetler Ketti, Ejdatlar Ketti!
Ketti, Ketkenler Kelmeske Ketti.
Nini Shirdek Arislanlar,
Közini Mit Qilmay,
Weten Üchün Issiq Qanini Berip Ketti!
Ketkenler Arman Bilen Ketti,
Zimistan Ketsun,
Qara Kechilerdin Hüriyet Téngi Atsun,- Dep,
Senki Büyük Armanlarni Köklütüsh üchün,
Qara Yerge Ming Patman Arzu Bilen Kömüp Ketti!

Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti,
Ketti, Ketkenler Elem Bilen Ketti,
Ketti Ejdatlar Parlaq Tarixlarni Qéni Bilen Yézip Ketti,
Ketti, Ketkenler Hesret Bilen Ketti,
Shum Pelekning Destidin,
Milletim Ejepmu Köp ich- Ichige Tinipla Ketti!
Zaman Ketti, Pursetler Ketti, Ejdatlar Ketti!
Ketkenler Ümüt we Arzu Bilen Ketti.
Ketti, Ketkenlersiz Kimler Muradigha Yetti?!
Ketti, Ketkenler Armanlarni Qoyup Ketti.
Ketti Yürekliri Qan,
Közliri Arqida Pighan Bilen Ketti.
Oyla Milletim, Ketkenlersiz Kimler Muradigha Yetti?!
Chriqini Öchürme Ejdatlarning Uyghurum,
Chüshtek Güzel Ertimizni Yoq Qilmisun Bu Qara Zulum!
Oyghan Emdi,
Ketkenlerning Ochiqigha Chogh Tashla!
Oyghan Emdi,
Ketkenlerning Chiriqigha Ot Yaq Uyghurum,
Milletning Béshigha Tarixta Hich Kelmigen Musubet Yetti!

Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti,
Ketti, Ketkenler Arman Bilen Ketti,
Zimistan Ketsun,
Qara Kechilerdin Hüriyet Tangliri Atsun,- Dep,
Senki Büyük Armanlarni Köklütüsh üchün,
Qara Yerge Ming Patman Arzu Bilen Kömüp Ketti!
Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti, Pütmestin Qehrimanliq Dastani,
Ketti, Ketti, Xazan Boldi Hür Milletning Bostani!
Ketti, Ketti, Shirin Chüshlerning Payani Ketti,
Zaman Ketti, Talay Talay Pursetler Ketti, Ejdatlar Ketti!
Ketkenler Ketti, Biz Uyghurgha Emdi Bekla Yalghuzluq Yetti.
Ketti, Ketti, Shirin Chüshlerning Payani Ketti,
Zaman Ketti, Talay Talay Pursetler Ketti, Ejdatlar Ketti!
Ketkenler Ketti, Biz Uyghurgha Emdi Bekla Yalghuzluq Yetti.

Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti,
Ketkenler Arman Bilen Ketti,
Zimistan Ketsun,
Qara Kechilerdin Hüriyet Téngi Atsun,- Dep,
Senki Büyük Armanlarni Köklütüsh üchün,
Qara Yerge Ming Patman Arzu Bilen Kömüp Ketti!
Oyghan Emdi,
Bürkütler Oyghan, Dep Pighan Bilen Chillaydu,
Sheperengler Gheplet Ichre Hözur Birle Chüsh Köridu!
Munapiqlar Oyghanmaqni Istimeydu, Yolimizgha Tash Qoyidu,
Hey Weten Ewladi, Özengni Tonu, Düshmeningni Bil-
Etrapingha Baq, Közüngni Ach Reqibingning Qénini Chach!
Namertler Haywandek Yashaydu Hayatida Ming Ölidu,
Qehrimanlar Mertlik Bilen Ölidu, Emma Ming Yil Yashaydu!

Ketti, Ketkenler Ketti,
Ketti, Ketkenler Kelmeske Ketti,
Ketkenler Közi Arqida, Ümüt we Arzu Bilen Ketti.
Ketti, Ketkenlersiz Bu Alemde kim Muradigha Yetti?!
Hey Shereplik Millet Ewladi Ghepletlik Uyquning Waqtimu Ketti,
Oyghan Emdi Jahalet Uyqusida talma,
Oyghan Emdi Nadanliq Chölide Zarlanma!
Oyghan Emdi,
Ketkenlerning Ochiqigha Chogh Tashla!
Oyghan Emdi,
Abduhaliq Éyitqandek Milyonlighan Jan Ketti,
Düshmenler Demisimu Hush-Kallangni Yoq Etti.
Oyghan Emdi,
Oyghanmisang Kimler Qedringge Yetti?
Oyghanmapting Qulluq Zenjiri Janlargha Patti!
Jahanni Titretken,
Jessur Ejdadingning Ümüdini Yashnatqin,
Ketkenlerning Chiriqigha Ot Yaq Uyghurum!
Shaning We Sheriping Üchün…
Hürmiting we Namusung üchün…
Tillarda Dastan Bolghan Shewkiting Üchün…
Oyghan Emdi Ejdatlarning Hürmiti Üchün…
Des Tur Ornungdin, Pichaqmu Hem Etni Kesti, Söngekke Yetti!


04.05.2018 Gérmaniye



40 Real Photos That Cannot Be Explained

Have you ever looked at a picture and found yourself unable to understand what was going on in it?

Some pictures, when taken at the right time and place, can capture the unexplainable.

Here are 40 pictures that need to be explained but can they be ? Try these.

1. This eerie photo shows a woman posing for the camera with an almost barely distinguishable man looming behind her. According to the woman in the photograph’s family, the picture was taken sometime in the 1990s. The woman had just moved into a nursing home and her family helped her move all of her belongings into the residence. Before saying their goodbyes, the family decided to document the moment and take a picture of her before departing. However, the family claims that there was no one else around at the time that they snapped the picture. When the photo was developed, the family was understandably spooked when the noticed the man in the background. The family was not able to explain how this man, washed out and not in focus, ended up in the unmanipulated film photograph. It wasn’t until the photograph was shown to the woman in it that offered some sort of explanation. The woman claims that this mysterious man standing behind her was her deceased husband, who had passed away 13 years earlier.

2. This photo was taken during a fire. The photographer who took this picture later developed the film and saw a girl peering at him from the mouth of the flames. What makes the picture particularly creepy is that the girl does not look panicked or like she’s affected by the flames.

3. Many people label this photo as a hoax, but it is still interesting. In this family photo, a figure can be seen hanging upside down from the roof. Some people have claimed that the person hanging from the ceiling is a spirit of the previous owner of the house.

4. In 1907, a group of 9 fishermen claimed to have caught a Cadborosaurus, a mythical sea serpent believed to inhabit the Pacific Coast of North America. The Cadborosaurus, also called Caddy, has supposedly been spotted in Alaska and even Southern California. Scientists have not been able to determine what type of creature is pictured in this photo.

5. This is a picture of the “Solway Firth Spaceman.” Taken in 1964, this photo shows a man, seemingly wearing a spacesuit, standing directly behind a little girl. Jim Templeton, a photographer and local historian, took this photo of his daughter and claims that no one was there with them that day.

6. The Falcon Lake Incident occurred on May 20, 1967. Stefan Michalak was on vacation in Whiteshell Provincial Park when he noticed two objects that were shaped like cigars coming towards him. Michalak said he heard voices coming from inside the objects. He also claimed to have received burns from the objects when he attempted to touch them.

7. This photo was taken in the early 1940’s, but one man in particular seems to stand out. The man in question is the tall figure wearing sunglasses, a t-shirt and a knitted sweater. People claim that this photo is proof of time travel because of how “out-of-time” the young man seems to be.

8. This photo is peculiar because it is a photo of a woman walking by with her hand to her ear, almost as if she is talking on a cell phone. However, this would be impossible as the photo was taken back in 1928 at a film opening for Charlie Chaplin.

9. In another case of technology appearing out of the appropriate era, this woman looks like she’s holding a cellphone up to her ear while joyfully chatting away. The photo was taken back in 1938 when this technology did not exist. However, it certainly appears that she’s holding something indistinguishable.

10. In this photo, a Chinese archaeologist holds up a watch which has the time 10:06 frozen on it. The archaeologists had opened a tomb that was sealed for over 400 years. Sources say that the word “Swiss” was engraved on the back of the watch. Conspiracy theorists believe it may have been the work of a time traveler.

11. In 1959, a woman was visiting her mother’s grave with her husband. She snapped a photo of her husband sitting in the car. Later, when they developed the picture, a strange figure was seen sitting in the back seat. Supposedly, the woman claimed that the mysterious figure was her dead mother.

12. This photo shows a group of World War I soldiers taking a picture together. One man that appears in the photo, named Freddy Jackson, does not belong there. He had died only days earlier, and soldiers claimed that it was his ghost in the picture. In fact, Freddy’s funeral took place the very morning this photo was taken.

13. This photo of a woman on the day of the JFK assassination in 1963 has raised suspicions for years. The lady, called the Babushka Lady, is seen pictured in several photos and was even recorded on film and seen in many photographs taken on the day of the assassination. Investigators were never able to find her identity.

14. Norway’s Hessdalen Valley is infamous for its unexplained bright nocturnal lights, which appear in photos taken at the location. Scientists have studied the phenomenon for years, but are still unable to find the reason for why the 7.5-mile-long lights appear in the Hessdalen Valley in rural central Norway.

15. This photo was taken in 1964 by a couple who spotted an odd creature swimming in a lagoon. The strange creature looked like a gigantic tadpole and was estimated to be roughly 80 feet long. However, the creature remains a large unknown marine animal that no one has been able to determine.

16. This photo, which was taken back in 1924, supposedly shows the faces of two sailors who were killed and buried at sea. The faces pictured in the waves are said to be the faces of the men who died. While this could be chance lighting, there’s no denying that the two faces are spookily distinguishable.

17.  In 1960, a dark and mysterious object was discovered floating in the earth’s orbit. Scientists could not decipher what the mysterious object was. Since then, several other similar objects have appeared in our orbit before vanishing altogether. This “Artificial Satellite” has become known as the “Black Knight” and has garnered interest worldwide.

18. This photo was taken by Apollo 17 on its flight to the moon. The picture was initially too light due to exposure, but when the lighting in the picture was adjusted, a pyramid-like structure could be seen faintly in the background. NASA suggest it’s a “blank” photo, but others believe it’s a structure that has been caught on film.

19. This photo of a man standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon was taken between the 1970’s and 1980’s. Behind him lurks an eerie figure, staring directly at the camera. The man and his friends claim that they had been in that spot for over fifteen minutes, and had never noticed the man there.

20. In this photo, a group of friends take a picture while on a hike. After looking through the pictures, the hikers noticed a strange, dark shadow hovering in the background. The hikers claim that there was no one else around that day, and the identity of the figure still remains unknown to this day.

21. In this photo, a man holding a knife-like object creeps behind a door. The family that was staying at the cabin says that, at the time the picture was taken, only two people were in the cabin. They never found out if it was an optical illusion, or if it really was a crazed man with a knife.

22. In 1963, a reverend took a picture of an altar at a church in North Yorkshire, England. Upon developing the picture, he noticed a strange, demonic figure lurking on the altar. The reverend was sure that the figure was a Franciscan monk with a demonic face, although this has never been confirmed.

23. In 1976, a police officer was investigating the Amityville home in New York where a murder had occurred. Upon taking photos at the crime scene, the officers did not see anything suspicious. When the photos were developed, one of the pictures showed a little boy standing in a doorway with white eyes.

24. On March 13, 1997, the Phoenix lights were sighted in the skies in Arizona, Nevada and some parts of Mexico. The formation of the lights was extremely mysterious, and many believe that it was a UFO sighting. Those who saw the lights say UFO produced no sound and contained five spherical lights.

25. In 2000, a woman mailed photographs of an ape to her county sheriff’s office. She said that the ape had taken apples from the porch in her backyard. However, the photo doesn’t resemble any recognizable species of ape. Big Foot theorists have renamed this strange creature, calling it the Skunk Ape.

26. During the American Civil War in 1864, a group of American soldiers claimed that they had shot and captured an unnamed creature. The picture, which appears unmanipulated, shows the men standing proudly over their kill. Confusingly, this creature resembles a pterodactyl, a flying reptile that would have been well extinct by this time.

27. At first glance, this looks like a regular photo of 4 boys having fun. Upon closer inspection, you can see an extra thumb behind the head of one of the boys. The thumb does not align with any of the other boys. The person who posted the photo online cannot explain where the thumb came from.

28. The death of 21 year old Elisa Lam is certainly a scary mystery. There is video footage on the day of her death showing her gesturing to invisible objects and acting in a very manic and frantic manner. She died in a water tank on the roof of the Cecil hotel and was found 3 weeks later. Her death was ruled as ‘accidental.’

29. The gruesome murder of the six people of the Hinterkaifeck farm is still unresolved to this day. Four bodies were found mutilated in the barn while 2 more were located in the house. The former maid fled accusing the home of being haunted and the new maid arrived just hours before the brutal murder. The killer was reported to have stayed at the house for 2 weeks after the killing.

30. This painting is called The Madonna with Saint Giovannino is from the 15th century. However over Mary’s right shoulder you can see an object that is eerily similar to an UFO spaceship. Could this be a futuristic painter looking forward in time? Or had aliens already visited humankind by then?

31. The Naga lights are a natural phenomenon over the Mekong River in Vietnam. Red hot lights that resemble fireballs shoot up into the sky and then disappear. These lights can go up to hundreds of feet and can sometimes be seen hundreds of times in one night!

32. There has never been any substantial proof for the existence of giants or super-sized beings. But this one comes close, in 1985 a man found a mummified finger that measured a ridiculous 15 inches long. This would mean that the owner of this finger would have to be over 12 feet tall!

33. This is a photograph of spontaneous human combustion. In 1951, the body of Mary Reeser was found and her whole body was engulfed in flames. The flames were so hot that her skull had shrunk and only her left foot was intact. Creepily enough, everything else in the room was unscathed.

34. No one is quite sure who this woman is or why she is walking on the top of a lighthouse. She has reportedly been seen on numerous occasions and many believe it to be the ghost that haunts the lighthouse.

35. Notorious serial killer Dean Corll, known as the Candy Man, was responsible for the deaths, rape and torture of more than 28 young boys. Disturbingly, 40 years after the initial crimes, a photo surfaced from one of Corll’s accomplices that depicted a handcuffed boy who wasn’t identified as one of the original victims.

36. This 1975 picture is from a couple in the United Kingdom who decided to go to church one day. When Peter decided to take a picture of his wife there was a figure sitting behind Diane! When they asked the church, they replied that it was the White lady who is the ghost of a healer that is believed to haunt the church.

37. Edna Cintron, allegedly, is the woman identified in the gaping hole of the World Trade Center. She somehow survived the initial impact and investigators say the gaping hole would be sucking in so much air that it would be cold and stable enough for a survivor to stand on. No one is exactly sure who this woman was.

38. In 1959, nine Soviet mountaineers died a mysterious death. Reports show that the hikers fled from their tent barefoot in an attempt to flee from something. Six of them died of hypothermia, 2 from chest fractures and one from serious head injuries (he was also missing his tongue.) No one is sure of the cause of death and their clothing suddenly became highly radioactive.

39. The apparition over the Church of St. Mary is known as one of the most famous religious apparitions of all time. Our Lady of Zeitoun has been seen on countless occasions over a two year period in 1968. The glowing Virgin Mary was originally mistaken as a woman about to commit suicide but later investigations revealed nothing.

40. This photo was published in the Los Angeles Times in 1942. Ufologists and conspiracy theorists believe the photo is evidence of an extraterrestrial visitation. Many believe that the photograph shows searchlights that are focusing on an alien spacecraft and that other explanations have only been created to hide the truth.

„Dunya Kitab Oqush Küni“ de Istanbuldiki Uyghur Oqughuchilar Pa’aliyet Ötküzdi



„Izchilar guruppisi“ namdiki Uyghur oqughuchilar uyushmisining uyushturushi bilen istanbul tijaret uniwérsitétidiki qiz-oghul Uyghur oqughuchilar bir jaygha jem bolup, „Dunya kitab oqush küni“ ni tebriklidi we kitab oqush pa’aliyiti élip bardi.

23-Aprél küni yene türkiyening bashqa bir qanchilighan aliy mektepliride oquwatqan Uyghur oqughuchilar arisida kitab oqush we kitab tarqitish pa’aliyiti élip bérilghan.

Biz bu pa’aliyet toghrisida téximu tepsiliy melumatqa érishish üchün kitab oqush we tarqitish pa’aliyiti uyushturghan istanbuldiki tijaret uniwérsitétining Uyghur oqughuchiliri bilen söhbet élip barduq.

Istanbuldiki tijaret uniwérsitéti xelq’araliq tijaret fakultétining oqughuchisi abdulla qurban bu pa’aliyetning meqsiti toghrisida toxtilip, mundaq dédi: „Uyghur oqughuchilar arisida dunya kitab oqush künini xatirileshtiki meqset shuki, ‚Uyghurlar kitab oqumaydu‘ dégen xata chüshenchige xatime bérish, kitab oqushqa adetlinishning muhimliqini xelqimizge bildürüsh, Uyghurlar arisida kitab oqush qizghinliqini ashurush, meniwiyitimizni béyitish hemde kitab neshr qilish we kitab sétiwélish éngimizni yenimu kücheytish üchündur.“

Abdulla qurbanning bildürüshiche, „Izchilar guruppisi“ diki Uyghur oqughuchilar „Uyghurlar“, „Sherqiy türkistan tarixi“, „Iz“, „Ghéni batur“, „Köz yéshida nemlen’gen zémin“ qatarliq 300 parchidin artuq Uyghurche kitabni türkiyediki her qaysi uniwérsitétlarda oquwatqan Uyghur oqughuchilargha tarqatqan.

Istanbuldiki sabahettin za’im uniwérsitéti islami bilimler fakultétining oqughuchisi feruq muhemmed kitab oqush pa’aliyitining ehmiyiti toghrisida toxtilip, mundaq dédi: „Wetinimiz sherqiy türkistanda ana tilimizni öginish we Uyghurche kitablarni neshr qilish chekliniwatqan bügünki künde muhajirettiki Uyghurlar arisida kitab oqush we tarqitish pa’aliyiti élip bérish muhim ehmiyetke ige bir ishtur. Istanbuldiki Uyghur oqughuchilarning ‚izchilar guruppisi‘ namliq uyushmisi teripidin dunya kitab oqush künide bundaq bir pa’aliyetni ötküzüshi muhajirettiki Uyghurlar arisida kitab oqush we tarqitishtek bir ilmiy keypiyatni yaritishta türtkilik rol oynaydu, dep qaraymen.“

Feruq muhemmed yene „Izchilar guruppisi“ teripidin 2018-yilliq kitab oqush pa’aliyiti teshkillishi bilen türkiyediki Uyghur yashliri arisida kitab oqushni omumlashturush we buninggha adetlinishtek bir keypiyatning asta-asta körülüshke bashlighanliqini ilgiri sürdi.

Igilishimizche, 1995-yili ispaniyening barsélona shehiride jem bolghan „Dunya neshriyatchilar birliki“ qurltay chaqirip, her yili 23-aprél künini „Dunya kitab oqush küni“ qilip békitken. Shu yili yene b d t ilim-pen, ma’arip we medeniyet komitéti teripidin her yilining 23-aprél küni „Dunya kitab küni“ qilip békitilgen.

Abdulla qurban „Izchilar guruppisi“ ning ghaye we meqsetliri toghrisida toxtilip, mundaq dédi: „Izchilar guruppisining ghaye-meqsetliri bolsa ma’aripni asas qilghan, milletning sapasini ashurush we yükseldurushni meqset qilghan. Bu guruppa türkiyediki her qaysi uniwérsitétlarda oquwatqan Uyghur oqughuchilardin teshkillen’gen bir guruppidur.“

Abdulla qurbanning bildürüshiche, „Izchilar guruppisi“ 2018-yilliq mukapatliq kitab oqush pa’aliyiti teshkilligen bolup, uning küntertipide türkiyede turushluq Uyghurlargha „Izchilar guruppisi“ namidin sétiwélin’ghan kitablarni heqsiz we héchqandaq shert qoymighan asasta yetküzüp bérish, oqughan kitab sani we yazghan tesirat maqalsigha qarita birinchi derijilik oqurmen’ge 1000 lira, ikkinchi derijilik oqurmen’ge 700 lira, üchinchi derijilik oqurmen’ge 500 lira mukapat bérish hemde qerellik kitab chayliri orunlashturush qatarliq bir qatar muhim pa’aliyetler orun alghan iken.
Biz „Izchilar guruppisi“ din kitab ariyet élip oqughan kastamonu uniwérsitétining oqughuchi arapat ablikim bilen söhbet élip barduq. Arapat ablikim „Izchilar guruppisi“ ning kitab oqush pa’aliyiti uyushturghanliqidin we özige kitab ewetkenlikidin söyün’genlikini bildürdi we „Izchilar guruppisi“ gha rehmet éytti.