Apple Seeds and Cancer


Many individuals avoid eating the bitter and sour almonds, cherry pits and apricot and apple seeds. This is for the most part since they contain cyanide. In any case, we have another data that will let you know the inverse. It is not new information, since this has been found in the early 1950s.

We as a whole realize that cyanide is harmful and however in the treatment of malignant disease, it is used as a part of a totally safe way. Many individuals disregard the cyanide since it is considered as profoundly deadly, yet the substance in the seeds is too little to do you any mischief or harm you.

Apple Seeds and Cancer

Apple Seeds and Cancer

There are two glucose molecules in amygdalin, one of the benzaldehyde and one of cyanide. This may frighten you a lot, but however you need to also realize that these glucose particles the benzaldehyde and cyanide just attack the mutated cancer cells.

That is a part of their activity. In other different cases, they just travel however the gastrointestinal tract, and actually the cancer cells are the ones who require the sugar from them.

What’s more, that is the reason the disease cells bolster from the amygdalin to utilize its glucose. Certainly, you understand what occurs after that.

The mutated cells are the only ones that nourish from the benzaldehyde and the cyanide, and the glucose particles have a component of being the bait.

The cancer cells can process the amygdalin with the assistance of their substance of beta-glucosidase, a catalyst, and in that way, they free the dangerous atoms. Alternate cells can’t process amygdalin.

The normal cells in our bodies have rhodamine, which is a compound that attached to the discharged cyanide atoms and they deliver cyanates, which are tossed out in the urine.

Along these lines, now you know the reality, and if it is possible that anybody tells to you that the apricot kernel is toxic you can persuade them generally.

What’s more, we need to ask a few basic questions: why is everybody so freaked out about the utilization of amygdalin to murder malignancy cells? The apricot parts contain the concentrate B17 or laetrile and it has the ability to dispense with cancer cells. This is the mystery that everybody covers up.

Laetrile was produced by Dr. Ernst Krebb in 1952. He utilized the amygdalin from the seeds of apricot to infuse it into the disease cells of patients, just after having them filtered, refined, modified and liquefied.

He got an injection of laetrile too. Another evidence for the productivity of laetrile was given by Dr. John Richardson who has effectively cured a few patients with malignancy by utilizing the laetrile.

Furthermore, in 1971 the laetrile was restricted and deprived for using.

Edward Griffin discussed about the effect of laetrile and amygdalin in his book called “A world without disease”.

You should be able to realize that only a few apricot seeds will not take out or eliminate this highly dangerous disease. The entire treatments can last for more than few months and the patients need to consume a dozens of apricot seeds.


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