Earth Defense Forces: SLPC-27 Tengri Tagh !


Class: Tengri Tagh
Unit type: Support Carrier / Battlegroup flagship
Ships of the line:
Manufacturer: Anatolia Ship Yards
Operator: United Defense Forces
First deployment: Unknown
Dimensions: 380 meters
Wingspan: N/A
Weight: Unknown
Propulsion: 2x Main thruster; Many x Maneuver Thruster;
Equipment and design features: Sensors, range unknown;
Fixed armaments:

12x 2-barrel 180cm Beam Cannon;
24x 3-barrel 32mm AA auto cannon;

Mobile weapons: 24 mobile suits standard compliment
Launch catapults: One linear catapult located on front left bow, one dual catapult located central bow and two single catapults located on surface deck;

As a potential design to soon take the place of the Behemoth class super carrier, the Tengri Tagh class ship exceeds what its predecessor couldn’t do. While the ships compliment in mobile suits is much lower, the ships ability to fight is why it has been chosen as the „soon to be“ Replacement. Equipped with several beam cannons and AA guns, this ships current role is to provide an extra kick in fleet strength. Take note that as this ship can support up to 24 machines standard compliment, and during times of major events the surface deck will be used for mobbile suits to to stand on. The Tengri Tagh class has also been chosen as the choice for ceremonial events.

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