Kompiyutur konupka taxtisini tazlap turush

Siz qanchan eng axirqi qitim kompiyuturingizning konupka taxtisini tazlighan idingiz? Yuqumluq zukam tarqawatqan bu pesilde, tetqiqatchilar kopunche kishiler ishlitiwatqan kompiyutur konupka taxtisining obirnidin 400 hesse meynet ikenligini bayqighan. Chunki biz her kuni kompiyutur konupka taxtisini meynet qolimiz bilen tutimiz, uningha qarap nepslinimiz we hotilimiz, biraq biz adette uni obirni we bashqa nersilerni tazlap turghundek kunde tazlap turmaymiz. Tetqiqatchilar saghlamliq uchun kompuiyutur konupka taxtisini kem digende heptide bir qitim ispirit bilen tazlap turushni tewisiye qilidu.

When was the last time you sanitize your keyboard? During the flu season, the researchers found most of the keyboards that we are using in every day are 400 times dirtier than the toilet in term of germ, because of we are touching it with our dirty fingers, and breathing  and coughing on it on daily bases without regularly cleaning it as we do to our toilets. They suggest us to sanitize the keyboard at least once a week with alcohol pad. If we do so, we may avoid getting into a lot of unnecessary troubles.

Posted by Memet Emin at 2:53 PM

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